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At Clara, we believe that renters shouldn't have to settle, and neither should landlords.

Helping renters find their ideal homes and helping landlords find their ideal renters are not mutually exclusive.

We're a digital rental application platform that collects, consolidates, and secures application information to provide a seamless experience for all.

Renters and Landlords both love Clara.

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Never email your social security number again.

Every landlord has their own way of doing things, and information security isn't always a priority. Don't settle for an application process that puts your information at risk.

With Clara, you can apply to multiple rental properties with confidence that your information is secure, no matter where you're applying. Your profile, and the sensitive information within, is protected and available exclusively to you and the verified landlords that you share it with.


The key to your new home is in the lockbox Clara.

Your next dream home is out there, and Clara can help you get it. Our renter profile streamlines a previously clunky process and gives you full transparency into any documents that are being used in your application.

We like to think of ourselves as the Common App for rental applications. We securely store all your vital information and highlight the things that set you apart from the crowd. With applications just a click away, you'll find your next dream home with ease.

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One profile, unlimited applications

It's as simple as that. Upload your information and set up your Clara profile once, then use it to apply to as many properties as you'd like. Finding your next dream home has never been easier.

Layered security

We verify landlords just as diligently as renters. Thanks to our key partnership with Plaid, you can feel confident that your personal information is protected and landlords have been fully vetted.

Ready when you need us

Much like a physical passport, your Clara profile records your entire rental journey from start to finish. When you're ready to move again, your information will be there waiting for you.

Know where you stand

We give you full data transparency, from credit score inquiries to application status and more. You'll know what information is being used to evaluate you and where you stand in the process.

Love for Clara

“With my secure Clara profile, I am more confident than ever when applying for rental homes.”

Melanie, Renter in Austin

We're proud to announce our partnership with Plaid, an advanced security and encryption tool used to safeguard your data and provide industry-leading information security. Plaid also directly verifies Clara renters and landlords alike, so that you can feel safer about who you're renting from or leasing to.

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Trusted by renters, landlords, and agents alike.

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Lease with confidence

Say goodbye to scattered documents, missing email attachments, and misinformation. Gain access and insight into a renter's portfolio of certified information and rental history.

Clara renter profiles are organized, streamlined, and fully verified so that you can make informed decisions about how to fill your properties.


Next available = Best available

When properties are empty, assets become liabilities. Sometimes you need to choose the next available renter rather than the best one.

Speed and quality are no longer mutually exclusive. Clara helps you minimize costs and maximize revenue generation by filling your properties as quickly as possible with the best renters available.

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Information you can trust

We've removed the risk of application fraud by pre-verifying all renter information, so you can focus on filling your properties with the best renters.

Go beyond a credit score

Clara provides you with applicant information beyond just a credit score and background check, making it easier than ever to find the best possible renter.

Fill your properties and your pockets

Clara helps cut your search time and fill your properties faster. Less downtime means more rent collected, helping you maximize income from available properties.


Partner with Us

Clara verifies both renters and landlords and simplifies the entire leasing process. Brokers who use Clara offer a memorable, premium, and seamless experience for clients that will guarantee good reviews and referrals. Together, we'll get more people into their dream homes.

We're leveling the playing field.

At Clara, we believe in:

A renter-first approach. By creating a great experience for renters, we increase the number and quality of available renters for landlords.

Transparency. Rental applications don't need to rely on blind faith. Applicants will always know and control what information of theirs is being shared with landlords.

Equity in the leasing process. To prevent conscious or subconscious discrimination, our renter profiles were built with end-to-end transparency in mind. Renters gain a direct insight into how they're being evaluated while landlords get an all-encompassing view of a renter and their background.

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As good as renting gets.

Trusted by renters, landlords, and agents alike.

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